cylinder brush with nylon filaments

Brush Applications

Metal Industry

Cylinder brushes are used for roll polishing and coil coating, for cleaning, removing oxides and oils prior to galvanizing, pickling and electroplating.

Glass Industry

Cylinder brushes are used in cleaning  and polishing sheet glass and windshields.

Oil Industry

Brushes are used to clean mud pumps, pipes, and trammel screens used to separate sediment.

Commercial Bakeries

Cylinder brushes are used to clean conveyor lines, ridding them of overspill and preventing oven fires.

Paper Industry

Cylinder brushes are used as buffer rolls in corrugated paper making machinery, absorbing shocks that can break the line of paper, yet not changing the finish of the paper.

Wood Industry

Strip brushes clean off sawdust, cup brushes are used for guarding and as hold-downs for vacuum systems, strip brushes sand moulding profiles. Sandpaper with brushes remove the fine hairs on composite woods.


Strip and reel brushes are used to clean conveyers in commercial bakeries, heat treating ovens, and anywhere a build-up of chips and dust need to be removed.

Furniture Industry

Besides sanding and dust removal, strip brushes spread glue, paint and finish evenly.

Trammel Screen

Trammel screens used in mineral processing and gravel pits need cleaning to keep the screens fully functional. Coil brushes move the residue efficiently off to the side, keeping the screens useable.

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