Wide-Face Rotary Cylinder Brushes

Wide-face Cylinder brushes are manufactured out of strip brushes wound around a core. Brush materials are dependent upon the use, high heat applications require metal filaments, while food processing applications require food grade nylon. Applications are many, from brushes that clean the face of milled steel and aluminum, to cleaning glass, and distressing wood.
KD Brush will work with you on the design of the brush, including the design of the core and shaft to work with your existing equipment, and ease of maintenance or replacement. The core can be a solid shaft or bushed, and will be manufactured and balanced to a precision tolerance here at KD Brush Manufacturing.
Wide-face cylinder brush

These brushes are made for cleaning metal before galvanizing and pickling.

Need a brush up to 21′ long? KD Brush can make it for you. We will design, manufacture and repair your cores in our CNC machine and welding shop. We have the latest CNC Balancing Equipment to keep your Wide-face Cylinder Brushes running true and vibration free. This is all done in-house, under one roof.

Cylinder brush

Cylinder brush on a solid shaft

Design your own brush!

Download the following pdf file to get started on designing your custom cylinder brush. Fax your design to 770.904.6659 or email it to us.

Cylinder Brush Form

Cylinder Brush Bushed Form