Paddle & Reel Brushes

Paddle reel brush

All stainless steel paddle brush used for cleaning metal well casing.

The Paddle Brush is a series of straight strip brushes mounted to a shaft. When the shaft rotates it cause a ‘bounce’ effect or a beater-bar effect. When the brush rotates, 1 strip comes in contact with the surface it pushes out, after it passes the pressure is relieved. This action is beneficial in certain applications, cleaning screens, certain conveyor belts. It provides a ‘harsh’ motion. If motion is too drastic for the application, we move to ‘Reel’ brush.


Right hand and left hand spirals on reel brushes, used for augering dirt off conveyor lines.

When a cylinder brush pitch exceeds to face length of that brush we call it ‘Reel’ brush. A Reel Brush is constructed similar to a Paddle Brush but the strips are curved radially around the shaft, to lessening the harshness of the bounce. The rotation of ‘curve’ could be as little as a few degrees or as much as 359 degrees, but usually between 60 to 120 degrees. The effect is smoother than a Paddle brush, but not a smooth as a Cylinder brush.

Call the engineers at KD Brush to discuss your situation. They will discuss with you the purpose, environment, and size of the brush and shafting, all of which are manufactured in-house to precision tolerances.

A long reel brush

A long reel brush

Reel brushes can be used as replacements for metal grass cutting on golf greens, the brush provides a spinning action to spread sand evenly, and it does not damage the grass by jumping or skipping.